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Why Horses Are Good For Children

Some equestrians are lucky enough to start riding as a child. They’ve grown up on the back of a horse and it’s forever changed their lives. It’s true, there’s something great about horses and children. They need each other.

Childhood Memories

From Pony Clubs to Turf Clubs, there’s so many different opportunities for your children to get involved in the horse community. The memories they’ll make at the barn will be life changing! It’s hard to forget barn sleepovers, your first blue ribbon, barn buddies, and your first jump or barrel run.

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of their firsts. One of my favorite things to do is look at old pictures from my younger days. Those stubby ponies and best friends will hold a special place in their heart!

Children Need Responsibility

Riding and showing teaches the youngster how to prepare and be courageous. Not only do they have to turn out a well-cared for horse, but their tack and show clothes need to be clean and presentable. Furthermore, entering the show ring takes a lot of guts!

Even if your child doesn’t show, barn life is far from easy. There’s mucking, watering, feeding, and other barn chores. That doesn’t even include grooming and exercising their horse or pony. I can’t imagine a better way to raise a child.

Health Benefits

With obesity a concern across the world, it’s important to find physical activities that your child enjoys. Riding teaches balance, flexibility, stamina, and coordination. As they age, the difficulty of riding can increase.

Your child also gets to see the importance of being healthy. They can help with vet, farrier, and dentist appointments. You can even discuss their horse’s nutrition with them and connect it to their own needs.

There’s a ton of other benefits to include character development, leadership skills, and connecting with nature. Overall, the barn is a great place to introduce your child to. Children seem to be drawn to horses!

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