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"SaY" it with a story: It's Detective Work

By D.K. Aryamaan

Once, there was a man his name was lulu well, he always wanted to be a detective. But when ever he used to go to the detective centre they did not let him to be one or let him join their detective club or hub because lulu was not smart enough to be one. So one day he decided that no more training he is going to investigate every single case by himself. So next day he made his own detective pamplets and in those pamplets everything was written about his skills and named himself lulu Detino and posted his pamplets to everyone in the country!

Next day, He got a case! it was a murder mistry , the victim was killed by a gun it was a toy gun but lulu wanted more information so he asked more because it was a bit strange the murderer managed to kill somebody with a toy gun which had one million THERMOCOL bullets but, who ever it was his toy gun could shoot 100 bullets per second well of course it was 2 meters long. Well that was the information but it is said that he killed the victim by shooting on the victim but no blood! Hmm but it was not only lulu in the case there was another detective he was so sharp that his name is Sharf the sharpest detective in the state. But he was against lulu and they were working differently and whoever solves the case first will win the best detective badge!

Well it was a smart move by lulu he had been hearing HIS while the person was explaining to lulu, that means the murderer a male. Well Sharf was working in another way he was inspecting the victim and his body and taking some data out of this victim, working like the best detective of the world since the police is not so smart like the detectives police just does the action. Well Sharf found lots of clues and came traveling for questions and suspects. Lulu thought it would be better when he thought practically, and a clue struck to his mind! It was that when he saw the gun he also saw the box of it and there would be a tonnes of information in and on that box! he took the box and the gun (just in case if he needed the gun).

Next day lulu had a good look in the box in the crime centre it is where most of the detectives bring their clues and try to find more clues from the clues they already have. Lulu brought that box and the 2 meter long gun lulu searched in the box for a bill or something like that but the murderer was clever, but not that clever to slip away from lulu. He forgot to throw a piece of paper where it was written a name of a toy shop and a time half past 6, the name of the toy shop was tines bin. And like this lulu got a great idea! He knew this toy shop very well and this piece of paper was a piece of the bill! He knew that there is only one toy shop in the whole world named tines bin and he also knew that this shop keeps an extra bill for them.

Lulu rushed to tines bin and asked , was there any payment that happened at half past 6 for a rex 590 oped?(was the name of the toy gun) the shop keeper checked in his computer, and said yes lulu asked do you have the bill? The shopkeeper told yes! Lulu proudly said I am lulu detino a detective I need that bill for investigation the shopkeeper gave him the bill. Meanwhile Sharf saw a wallet in the body of the victim in the wallet there was the photo of the victim and a man, Sharf also found a detector in the jeans of the victim the detective knew it was a detector of the man in the photo and a GPS told where the man was he was on, Albert street 12th avenue near the river. Sharf knew that the victim was a spy and also knew that this man will kill the victim which he already has done he also new that this man is the murderer because he never saw this man coming to see the even though they used to live together.

Lulu was also tracking the location of the murderer just like Sharf through but he was tracking the man through his credit card number of the murderer, and it was the same man who Sharf suspected but lulu needed a photo. Although he had the location of this man it was, Albert street 12th avenue! Lulu was not happy he did not have that much time he knew that Sharf will catch the murderer anytime and without the photo of the murderer the police would not be able to catch the murderer then lulu got an idea he went to internet on his computer and searched for this man because he had photocopied the original credit card, and the murderer had got an internet website where there was a profile of the murderer and found a photo of the murderer he rushed and called the police and told them to meet at Albert street 12th avenue lulu needed to take the taxi because he did not had a car.

He found a taxi and hoped in and told the driver where to go and also told the driver to, drive fast it is a emergency! Sharf was on his way and was stuck in a small traffic, Sharf was very confident that he was going to win and earn his badge because his opposition is lulu and he is on his first case, he is also not a detective. Meanwhile lulu was having problems because the driver was not driving fast so lulu decided that he will drive the taxi, the taxi driver told to lulu you could cause a fine! Lulu said loudly, DONT WORRY! THE POLICE IS WITH ME NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU AND ME!

The driver sighed and told, ok you may drive soon lulu found out that the murderer was going to the river beach and one minute later Sharf came to know that the murderer was going to the beach but the problem was that Sharf was coming in a police car and the car was beeping and it was so loud that the murderer covered himself and Sharf missed him but clever lulu he told to the police to come in normal cars so the murderer does not run away when he sees a police car or hears the siren of the police cars and, he himself came in a taxi to be more save just in case to be more clever well the murderer was there where he was on the river beach!

And like that lulu won the case and was awarded with the best detective badge and became the best detective in the country and was Known to be the cleverest (moral, never be scared even if your opponent is the champion of the world If you think you will win then you will win)


D. K  Aryamaan  is 11 year old boy, born on 17th August 2008 in Noida, India. he is now currently in  Berlin, Germany. He also lived in Munich and a city called Ludwigshafen which is near to Frankfurt. When he was 4 years  old he  shifted with his parents to Canada. He was bright student there and studied there till 1st grade. He moved back to India when he was 7 and he Studied there til grade 3. Due to his parents job he moved to Germany. Now he is studying in HWG German school in Class 6. He likes football and Loves badminton. Reading books (mostly adventure and comedy). he got the idea when there was a competition held from Ruskin Bond where you had to write a short story and submit it, he wrote a story called "The Rose" which was his first ones, unfortunately the age was 12 and above so he couldn't submit it but he still continued to write, his personal favorites are, It,s detective work and the lottery ticket.

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