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"SaY" it with a story: Benevolence in The Bahamas

“Garima, Garima… Where are you?” Geet the Giraffe called out. “It’s time to leave.”

“I can hardly wait for our underwater adventure!” exclaimed Garima as she emerged from the trees, dancing happily.

The twin giraffes were going to the Bahamas to find their Grandpa’s treasure chest! Soon, they hopped on a flight and nodded off to sleep, tired with all the excitement.

On arriving at their destination, the twins were awestruck to see the silver beaches and turquoise waters.

“Ready to go diving?” asked Geet with a wink.

Quickly, they donned their diving gear. Studying the treasure map, off they went into the waters, swimming amidst the stunning coral reefs and the underwater caves. At last, they found their treasure, buried exactly where Grandpa said it would be.

Suddenly, complete pandemonium broke out. Geet and Garima saw a school of fish swimming as fast as they could, looking for a place to hide. Geet stopped a terrified fish and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there anything we can do to help you?”

“How will you help us?” the fish cried, “The H.U.N.T 007 ship has come. Soon, the fishermen will start catching us.”

At that very moment, a large net fell into the water, trapping hundreds of fish. Geet and Garima couldn’t bear to watch the fish as they struggled in panic, trying to squirm and find a way out of the net.

“We have to help them, Geet!” Garima said, holding back tears. Geet quickly looked around and found some sharp stones. Picking up one in his mouth, he started slashing the net. Garima followed suit. As soon as they made a large-enough hole, the fish raced out of the net.

“How can we ever repay you?” one asked, “You saved our families, our children!” Geet replied, “Our Grandpa always told us that BENEVOLENCE is very important, that we should do good without expecting anything in return.”

Garima added, “We have helped you, but we need to help the fishermen, too. We need to help them to become kind. We need to think of their families and children, too.”

“I have an idea—the treasure chest!” Geet exclaimed suddenly. Garima added happily, “Yes, let’s give the treasure chest to the fishermen! They can use the pearls to take care of their families until they find another job.”

The giraffes and the fish swam to the surface. Geet and Garima offered the treasure chest to the fishermen while the fish sang:

The ocean is our home and we live here happily, Don’t separate us from our loving family. Show us some love, show us some care, The pain you inflict is something we just cannot bear! Do not put our lives at stake, Take this treasure and spare us, for humanity's sake!

Geet and Garima explained the plight of the fish to the fishermen. They offered them their treasure chest in exchange for a vow to spare their little friends.

The fishermen were moved. The BENEVOLENCE of these twins, melted their hearts.

The head fisherman said, “We cannot accept your treasure, dear giraffes. You have opened our eyes to the suffering we were causing. You have taught us to be kind. We promise to never fish again.”

Overjoyed, Geet, Garima and the fish danced in the pristine waters of the Bahamas.

That evening, the twin giraffes returned to Amazinga with their valuable treasure chest and even more precious memories!


This story is one from a collection of value-based stories from the book Amazinga Adventures by Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch. It is an initiative aimed at inspiring and enabling children to develop internally and live a more enriching life, in line with the teachings of the Enlightened Souls. It offers three programmes designed specifically for three different stages of development in a child's life.

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