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"SaY" it with a Poem: The Queen of India

If I were Queen of India

My bed would be made of ivory

Of beaten gold my throne

In my court should peacocks flaunt

And in my forests tigers haunt

In my pools great fishes taunt

Their fins facing the sun

If I were Queen of India

Trumpeters every day

To all my meals would summon me

And horses in my stables bray

And in the evening lamps would shine

Yellow as honey red as wine

While harp, flute and drum

Makes music sweet and gay

Queen of the fruits of India

Her rivers silver - pale

Queen of the hills of India

Thicket wood and dale

Her twinkling stars, her spice - scented breeze

Her trembling lakes, like foamless seas

Her bird - delighting mango trees,

In every golden vale.

By Anaya Deshmukh

Age: 9 years

Std.: 4 Std.

School: Dhirubhai Ambani International School


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