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"SaY" it with a poem: The Punishment Corner

The talented Ms. Doshi (Mehek)

We are no longer forsaken…

Nature now cries her deafening song

The teacher’s punishment corner is where we are at,

To contemplate on all our wrongs

Time is a thief

He flies as quick as lightning

Today we must ignite as one

And undo the errors said and done

Stop polluting, no more ruthless wars

We must understand earth can take it no more

No global warming, no recoiling terror

Only peace and quiet as we rethink the reflection in the mirror

Mistakes are understood when taught a lesson

And guess what? We are learning it now.


About Mehek

At 14 studying at Dhirubhai Ambani international school, Mehek is a budding teen who loves sharing her voice with the world in any creative form be it art, music, poetry/writing, performing arts or even a sense of logic and philosophy. Mehek has been passionate about art from a very little age as she took her first music class when she was just 24 months old! She attended the Juilliard summer program with a select number of students for drama, music and dance in June 2019 (!) and hopes to attend more programs like these in the future. Her poems have been published in her school magazine and the Robinage wall of fame. She has always been an ambitious learner and is ever ready for new ventures.

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