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SaY it with a Poem: Look for me now

“Sip your Tea

Nice and Slow

No one Ever knows

when it’s Time to Go,

There’ll be no Time

to enjoy the Glow,

So sip your Tea

Nice and Slow.

Life is too Short but

feels pretty Long,

There’s too Much to do, so much going Wrong,

And Most of the Time You Struggle to be Strong,

Before it’s too Late

and it’s time to Go,

Sip your Tea

Nice and Slow.

Some Friends stay,

others Go away,

Loved ones are Cherished but not all will Stay.

Kids will Grow up

and Fly away.

There’s really no Saying how Things will Go,

So sip your Tea

Nice and Slow.

In the End it’s really

all about understanding Love

For this World

and in the Stars above,

Appreciate and Value who truly Cares,

Smile and Breathe

and let your Worries go,

So Just Sip your Tea

Nice and Slow."

When I'm dead.

Your tears will flow

But I won't know

Cry with me now instead.

You will send flowers,

But I won't see

Send them now instead

You'll say words of praise

But I won't hear.

Praise me now instead

You'll forget my faults,

But I won't know.....

Forget them now instead.

You'll miss me then,

But I won't feel.

Miss me now, instead.

You'll wish You could have spent more time with me,

Spend it now instead

When you hear I'm gone, you'll find your way to my house to pay condolence but we haven't even spoken in years.

Look for me now.

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