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"SaY" it with a Poem: Family

By Aariyan Deshpande, Grade 5; Deerfield Elementary School

Parents, siblings and friends,

Always stick till the end.

I fell and cried,

but guess who was by my side?

Mom and Dad were there,

To give all there love and affection with great care.

To do homework and to clean up a mess,

Brothers and sisters share your stress.

God made friends to make families extend,

They help you in the good and bad,

And they will make you always feel glad.

Teachers teach you math, science and art,

To help you through life and make you smart.

Times can be tough like falling off a cliff,

But there’s always family to give you a lift.


Spin A Yarn India is inviting everyone to share their experiences during this #CoronaVirus crisis, through the power of the spoken word. We want to hear your voices talking about how you are feeling, how daily life has changed, and what you are doing that brings joy, comfort, courage, solace–and hope.

We are collecting recordings from people all over the world, and making it part of our podcast, Stories from India and around the World (

Looking forward to hearing your story.

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