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"SaY" it with a poem: A message of Hope

The multi-talented Mehek Doshi from Dhirubhai Ambani International School has a few words to say about the nobility of Mother Nature.

Nature’s nobility

The sky mutated, azure and profane

as the lightning struck

down came the incessant rain

the behemoth almighty God

unravelled his power

and created nature

sending us on a new endeavour

The soil on earth formed

as the impurities cascaded down the sky

and nestled on the barren ground

that felt rough and dry

unceremoniously the soil shook

and a tiny green sapling emerged

a new fledgling

ready to be a bird

this tiny sapling how lanky it grew?

and towered the world as if it flew

On the tree came a tincture of colour

which developed into a splendorous flower

it turned into a spindly thicket

Alas! Alect! its never static

As the sky cleared in salmon and gold

a ball of molten gold ascends up high

and mesmerises birds and butterflies

it irradiated shedding light the rest of the day

and into the azure ocean it sunk away

The lashing waves made thundering sounds

welcoming the moon that ascended from the ground

the leaden sky was filled with silver

and stars that shine even in winter

This cycle is recurring everyday

and this is how life on earth was made

the nurturing mother earth

shared her love and pain

all for our paraphernalia and gain

And yet this world is selfish, manner less

instead of giving thanks

we destroy river banks

we waste resources

and steal homes of animals

so, they’re homeless

the earth is choked with pollution

broke with revolution

so, this is our story in my pure intuition

If you care about this generation

create a federation

make change and clear the dust

our chance is now

and everyone can help somehow

try your best and remember this isn’t a test

let’s make a better world and live to the fullest


About Mehek

At 14 studying at Dhirubhai Ambani international school, Mehek is a budding teen who loves sharing her voice with the world in any creative form be it art, music, poetry/writing, performing arts or even a sense of logic and philosophy. Mehek has been passionate about art from a very little age as she took her first music class when she was just 24 months old! She attended the Juilliard summer program with a select number of students for drama, music and dance in June 2019 (!) and hopes to attend more programs like these in the future. Her poems have been published in her school magazine and the Robinage wall of fame. She has always been an ambitious learner and is ever ready for new ventures.

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