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"SaY" it with a poem: A message of Courage

The multi-talented Mehek Doshi from Dhirubhai Ambani International School has a few words to say about the courage of the Indian Army.

This poem is in memory of all those who were killed in the Pulwama attack on 14th January 2019. Hatred is never justified for sacrificing of killing any living creature. It was the principles of truth (satya) and non violence (ahimsa) taught by Gandhiji that freed our nation and "war shows the failure of man as a thinking animal" (~John Steinbeck). The death of these young soldiers and all soldiers risking death now must be honoured as without them we probably wouldn't be alive today. We don't know them all but we definitely owe them all.

Pulwama Braveheart’s

What a treacherous world we’ve created

Look what we’ve done!

What about all the treaties signed by our daughters and sons?

What about battle fields?

Does no one care?

What are the big talks we speak but to do never dare?

Have you ever stopped to notice all the blood we shed from war?

Have you ever stopped to notice the traumatised families weep at shore?

What about sunshine?

What about rain?

What about all the peace promised after pain?

What about hope, is no one safe/

Does no one care about the deaths caused by strafe?

Did you ever stop to notice all the soldiers perished from war?

Did you ever stop and think about what we’re wasting lives for?

Dear world is this the truth?

How can we be so insensitive to others and have no ruth?

Why are still stuck on century old issues

We have freedom because we fought so why now must we miss use?

It’s a new generation 21st century, new start!

So why is the connectivity falling apart

We learn history so we never repeat

So why do we make the same historical mistakes with every problem we meet?


About Mehek

At 14 studying at Dhirubhai Ambani international school, Mehek is a budding teen who loves sharing her voice with the world in any creative form be it art, music, poetry/writing, performing arts or even a sense of logic and philosophy. Mehek has been passionate about art from a very little age as she took her first music class when she was just 24 months old! She attended the Juilliard summer program with a select number of students for drama, music and dance in June 2019 (!) and hopes to attend more programs like these in the future. Her poems have been published in her school magazine and the Robinage wall of fame. She has always been an ambitious learner and is ever ready for new ventures.

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