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"SaY" it with a picture: A message of Hope

By Avantika Kampani, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

This artwork is based on acceptance of religion. It depicts a girl staring at her true reflection in the mirror. It shows us how society has an affect on all of us individually, lowering our self esteem and hiding our true personalities. We should never have to change ourselves just to fit in.

About Avantika

Avantika Kampani is a 13 year old upcoming artist and performing arts student. She studies at Dhirubhai Ambani international school. Avantika had taken an interest in the arts when she was very little and started her first ballet lessons. Over these past few years she has explored her talents in art, theatre, dance and music and wishes to further pursue them in her future. Avantika has always been an ambitious girl and ever ready to explore and learn new things. Her art and music creations can be seen on her newly made instagram account-@iamavantikakampani. With her art and music Avantika wants to inspire people all over the world to be themselves and to live every moment to the fullest. 


Spin A Yarn India is inviting everyone to share their experiences during this #CoronaVirus crisis, through the power of the spoken word. We want to hear your voices talking about how you are feeling, how daily life has changed, and what you are doing that brings joy, comfort, courage, solace–and hope. We are collecting recordings from people all over the world, and making it part of our podcast, Stories from India and around the World (

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