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"SaY" it with a message: An Experts view

Dr. Zirak Marker shares a message of hope and reassurance on the #CoronaVirus mental health implications and how we can be stronger together.


The government of Maharashtra, BMC and Mpower 1on1 have created a free helpline to support you at this difficult time. Call 1800-120-820050 to speak to a mental health professional. #LetsTalk1on1


Spin A Yarn India is inviting everyone to share their experiences during this #CoronaVirus crisis, through the power of the spoken word. We want to hear your voices talking about how you are feeling, how daily life has changed, and what you are doing that brings joy, comfort, courage, solace–and hope. We are collecting pictures, drawings, illustrations, stories, poems, recordings from people all over the world, and making it part of our blog, website, Social Media channels, YouTube & Podcast: Stories from India and around the World ( Come, tell us your story.

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